High Street Capital is the private equity arm of the High Street Group it was formed when Amrite Investments (Pty) Ltd was merged with the High Street Asset Management in mid 2013.

The High Street Asset Management team manages private investor funds via a number of different investment vehicles.  These include various South African based funds dealing in listed equities and a number of offshore investment options.  

High Street Capital has successfully provided equity capital and operational managerial skills into select investments since 2005. Investments are non-sector specific but carefully chosen based on the experience of High Street Capital management and rigid investment criteria.  

We are not a traditional private equity company in that we do not raise blind funds.  We prefer to provide capital from High Street Capital’s own balance sheet and we supplement this as needed on a deal-by-deal basis via a small group of selected partners with whom we have had successful partnerships.  Partnerships with new investors may also play a part in new investments particularly where the new partners can bring relevant experience to that investment.

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